Strategy & Innovation

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons make us standout in our lines of business, based on our creativity, agility and principles we tend to make and apply very competitive solutions of our clients problems “which we make them our own”.

Expect More, Pay Less

we tend to engage Value Engineering in the early stages of our projects and products development cycles without compromising the quality and bearing in mind preserving our plant are all human beings’ responsibility

35 Years Experience

Extra Memar Company is a natural evolution of Meimar Stores Company (Since 1992). moreover, the tendency to recruit experienced personnel and put them in a continuous training program is a solid policy.

Our Achievements

we have proven track record of delivering successful projects that exceed expectational and provide tangible results


we offer flexible solutions that can be tailored to fit your budget and timeline

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we produce high-quality plastic pipes and fittings made of PVC, HDPE, and PPR along with Acrylic Bathtubs in our subsidiary Extra Plastic Factory.


Along with Construction contracting, we are a general supply contractor, for Un Agencies and the Sudanese Government


we have many different dealerships with international suppliers to fulfill construction industry needs in the local market.

Our Clients.

Clients we are pleased to serve.